I'm relativley new to video editing and burning, but I'm making a video and need to put it on a DVD. I'm using Sony Vegas and then I'll use Sonic MyDVD (for lack of another program) to burn the DVD. I'm rendering the files out of Vegas as AVI's, and they're purdy big. A 15 minute clip is around 2 gigs. I'll have about 6 different 15 minute clips to put on the video, but when I Add Files to the DVD, they're taking up too much space. I'm guessing that MyDVD is using MPEG2 when I drop them in, but could I retain quality and Render out of Vegas as MPEG's? I just need any and all help. Building the menu's and junk can be done by a slightly trained monkey with Sonic MyDVD, I just want some formatting help. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.