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    I found a cord around my house the other day, it was a single prong rca cable to usb...i dont know what it is from or what it could be used for. I tryed hooking it to a analog camcorder but it said usb device not recognized, anyone have an idea what it could be for. Heres a pic of it
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    looks like it was for a video link of some sort but without knowing it could be for anything!

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    I haven't a clue about what it's for. But, knowning what a USB port can do, it's most likely a DC power output for some device. USB ports have +5 volt DC (current limited to 100mA or up to 500mA) power on one pin and a ground return on another pin. The other two wires are for data communication only. No analog signals at all. Plus the data communication must conform to the USB standard.
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    Ohh thanks i was just kinda curious.


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