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Thread: Searched FAQs but can't find anything

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    Default Searched FAQs but can't find anything

    I have a new Packard Bell PC, 1gb ram, 160gb hard-drive.
    It came preinstalled with Ulead Video Studio 8 which I have had great fun playing with and have produced a quite reasonable project.
    However, when I recoreded it to the DVD the quality, especially panning across the frame has deteriorated.
    I have a Sony Handycam which I think records as MPEG, I have checked all the settings in the software which also say MPEG.
    Question is, why does the video file (.VSP) need converting back to MPEG if it was recorded as MPEG?
    I am connected to the PC with a firewire cos the image quality with USB was bloody awful.
    Is it an issue with the software, does other software have this problem?
    Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere.

    Thanx in advance.


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    Check out our FAQ, refer to the deinterlacing topic.

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    Can you describe how the picture deteriorates? Does it break up in a mosaic type pattern, are there horizontal lines, vertical lines or does it lag or jump?

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    Default Re: Searched FAQs but can't find anything

    See the "Recommended Procedure for Success with Video Studio" at
    I haven't had any problems with burning to DVD since following this procedure.

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