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Thread: Premiere 6.5 vs. Pro

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    Hi there,
    I am thinking about getting Premiere, but I learned today that Premiere Pro only works with Win XP. Since I work with Win 2000 I thought about getting Premiere 6.5 instead.
    Is there a huge difference between the two versions?
    Any recommendations?

    Your help is much appreciated


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    Hmm this is just what i think.
    I have the same problem i want pro but need a new p.c. so let me think ????
    NO FRICKIN way i have 6.5 and used 6.0 untill only a few weeks ago and that did me fine ok diffrent if you are one of these people who like to say "i have it" to everything new software that is but unless you intend to have people sit round you when you are making the video in pro once its finished they wont know the diffrence.
    I would go back to 6.0 rather than go pro.
    its not all about cash its about time and having an idea.
    so no i dont think there is a big diffrence at all.

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    I can back ill-matic up on that one: it definately doesn't improve your creativity

    However, if you've got a spare £500 knocking around, a newish PC with windows XP and time to learn Premiere from scratch again, then upgrade.

    It IS better than 6.5 (real time preview etc), and it's now THE product to use and therefore get a guide for you want to do. But for the casual user? I'd say wait until you upgrade your hardware and get it bundled for a rediculously discounted price.

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