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    Arrow HDV distribution on DVD

    I have just upgraded to premier pro 2. All my souurce video is now being filmed using a FX1 1080i HDV camera. If I start editing using 1080i, will this be the most compatable format that future DVD players and current wide screen TV's will accept.

    Also, is there any difference in export to DVD from either a progressive or interlace edit??

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    DVD players are speced to play 720x480 NTSC or 720x576 PAL formatted video, with some players allowing 480x480, 352x480 or 480x576, 352x576.

    Putting 1080 (i or p) on a DVD would not be playable on today's machines.

    As far as interlaced or progressive, only interlaced is guaranteed playable on all DVD players. Most modern players can also handle progressive and will convert the video to interlaced for standard TV sets, since that's the only thing they can handle. Newer monitor type TV sets can use progressive scan, but for overall compatibility, stick with interlaced.
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