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Thread: What software can do this ??

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    Default What software can do this ??

    hi guys i've been apart of the video editing game for quite a while now, though i have yet to find a program that can do a task for me what i want it do do is sink videos together for example if i film something with two cameras at the same time and want to go from one camera to the other what program do i need, they do it all the time in shows like 'friends, sienfeld, pretty much all shows' but they use like 3 cameras and switch from camera to camera through the whole show, what peice of software can do this, or how do you do this?? please help it would be agreat help... if you guys want you can check a movie i made at or

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    Multi camera editing can be perfromed with a number of editing suites I imagine. I use Premier Pro v2 and this is a new feature in v2 taking up to 4 camera inputs.

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    Here is one I have used and it works great!

    BTW the word is 'Sync', short for synchronize.

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    Default thanks guys

    Thanks so much guys, those are exaclty what i was looking for. thanks.


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