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    I've been working with video for a year now and have done a couple projects here and there for people. Last fall my cousin got married and ask me if I could put together a wedding video for her. Well I came out w/ a new appreciation for people who do wedding videos. But along with compiling all the video for her I made a "music video" of the wedding for her to show people or whatever.

    The whole thing was recorded on my Canon ZR65 minidv, and edited on Adobe Premiere Elements. So here it is: any advice/critique is welcomed

    The Link:

    Also if anyone does wedding videos if you can give me feedback that'd be great. I've never even seen a wedding video done before so im not sure if this is norm or whatever...but i'm thinking about maybe in the future doing some when I get better equipment.

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    Well worth the wait

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    As a video filmed and edited for free, it certainly can't be faulted. The couple must be so pleased with the end result and it's clear you put a lot of efort into its creation.

    What's your motivation for deciding to do more wedding videos? I have created a website for wedding videography at I don't mean to put you off, but take a look at a few of the articles I've writen and post a comment on the forums

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    Right now I'm going to school (community) and planning on transfering to either a art school or state and go into video production. I got no clue what aspect I want to get into...but I'd be happy working with a company that does weddings, business films, etc. I live in the boston area and from what I hear theres a demend for that kind of work and plenty of room to grow here.

    But I did read some of those wedding articles (they were well done and very informative too). I do know its alot of work and a big thing to go into. So for side work in the future I wouldnt start off with wedding's but one day I could end up there. I got no clue....just chugging along hoping i'll figure it out.

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    Whilst wishing no disrespect to wedding videographers worldwide, it's not a career I would actively encourage a school leaver to consider. I can only talk about my little knowledge of the UK production industry, but those wanting to get a foot into the door of film and television are best starting at the bottom and progressing to the top - and all that in the industry itself rather than as a 'videographer'. In honesty, it's extremely unlikely that as a wedding videographer (or working for a company that 'does' weddings) you'll be aiming to fulfil your full potential. What's the best you can achieve? Owning your own videography business perhaps? Or would you prefer to have your name in credits on the big screen?

    If I had the creative talent, I know where my dreams would be! I know that with little knowledge of the industry I talk about I have no right to comment!

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    o yea i know all that. I wasnt saying in anyway that I was ready to devote my life to wedding films or whatever.

    But I have discovered its a huge industry and tons of possiblities and directions to go into.

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    I did wedding videos for a while when I was at sixth form college. Admittedly it helped me fund some of my kit, but it was a pain in the arse. People expected the earth for what was little more than a few quid and a couple of drinks at the reception (I was doing it as favours/small joibs to people I knew). if yuou have any kind of creative talent, which obviously you do, then look to take these talents into something far more rewarding i'd suggest. Although I'm in the boat now of finishing uni, and trying to break into the edit game. oh dear!

    good wedding vid tho by the way!

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    Beautiful Wedding Video in Portofino in Italy

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    Oh dear! I keep trying, but the link to the video doesn't want to work for me!!! Wynn

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