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Thread: can't use effects like "reverse vid" or "PIP&

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    Default can't use effects like "reverse vid" or "PIP&

    Hi, I recently decided to switch from using good old pinnacle studio 9 plus to using Adobe premiere pro v1.5. I'm quickly regretting it.

    When I use an effect such as "reverse vid" the playback goes all choppy/jerky. The same happens when using multiple video layers for effects such as picture in a picture or chroma keyer.

    This happens both when I go to render the work area and view the video in the monitor, and also when I have finished and exported the movie too. Making almost all the effects in adobe completely useless!!!

    Here is a quick vid I made to demonstrate the problem. As you can see, it plays fine in normal forward motion. As soon as it goes into reverse it looks terrible. I didn't do anything fancy, I just copied and pasted the clip and then reversed it.

    Here is the problem occuring again but just using the crop tool feature this time

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    What HDD space do you have available and how well is it defragged?

    Is this DV AVI?


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    Let's start by asking what the spec on your computer is? Is it a laptop or desktop, personally a desktop is the only one I'd use for video as most laptops are just not up to the job spec wise. Things like amout of RAM, processor speed, FSB speed (800Mhz recommended), hard disk space, when you last defragmented it (during a heavy editing session I might have to do it three times per week - compared to twice a month using other applications). Did you capture your original files using firewire, analogue or files off DVD's for example? And finally are you using SD or HD?

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