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Thread: Opteron/Xeon VS AMDx2/Intel-D

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    Default Opteron/Xeon VS AMDx2/Intel-D

    In the lack of any HW test site that has done any real testing with video editing in mind I have decided to ask the gurus on this site, in the hopes you can help me decide.

    Currently I my system looks like this.

    CPU: iP4 3.2GHz HT
    Ram: 4x512MB Geil PC3200
    GFX: MSI Geforce 6600 GT 128MB PCIe
    MB: Asus P5RD1-V
    HD: 4x120GB (3 seagate, 1 maxtor) in 2 RAID 0 configurations

    Unfortunatly I cant afford to do a complete upgrade, but only 1 thing at the time.

    How much performance gain would I get switching to a dual-single core system with Opetron or Xeon CPUs ?

    In an effort to hold the cost down, I would like to reuse my memory, but how big of a difference is there on DDR and DDR2, when we are talking about video editing ?

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    The first thing I'd ask is why the upgrade? What are you hoping to get out of a new system?

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    hoping to reduce the waiting when rendering, and my computer is crashing at least once a day.

    My goal is that in the end I will have 2 computeres, one for video editing/3ds max and one for gaming.

    I have had the fortunate luck to "hired" to create some Battlefield 2 graphics for TV and to reduce the wait time, so I can increase the time I have to redo things I'm not happy with.

    And I think I could spend quality time looking inside my DUAL CPU computer.... okey that last part might have sounded a little perverted, but its really, its not.......well, okey mayby just a little.

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    If it's ecodning times you're looking to cut down, then take a look at the CPU guides at For each review/comparsion they always have a video encoding test (lower the better).

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    The server / workstation manufacurers appear to be favouring opterons over itaniums / zeons.

    I should think a fast dual core athlon / pentium will do the job. Two dual core oppterons would be well fast if you got the reddies.

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