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Thread: Best "light" video editing software?

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    Default Best "light" video editing software?

    I want to make a music video, for this I only need to do some cut-cut editing on the video, and be able to replace the original soundtrack with a soundtrack of my choice. What is the best program to do this? I can use Premiere but it's a bit too heavy-weight and my PC gets pretty slow when I use it, making it difficult to do some very precise editing. And I'm not going to use half of its functions.

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    Did you try Pinnacle Studio or Vegas Movie Studio?

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    Just for grins try MovieMaker 2 (free with service pack 2). On your original soundtrack, simply mute the volume, Make your cuts, fades, etc, then drag your new sound file onto the timeline and render.

    I don't know if the available output modes will work for your needs though. However, the price is right

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