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Thread: help splitting a XVID movie

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    Default help splitting a XVID movie

    Hello. SOrry if this isn't the right subforum to post this in. I am no expert in video splitting, I mostly use boilsoft's AVI/MPG/ASF splitter or easy video splitter since they split videos with the same exact quality of the original video. However, they are a bit faulty in splitting some AVI's.
    I am using Super Video Splitter for this AVI video encodec with XVID. The problem is the splitted video is not the same quality as the original video. The original sample rate is 48000 Hz and the rate is 109 kb/s, whereas the splitted video come out with a sample rate of 22050 Hz and a rate of 56 kb/s.
    What I need to know I guess is how to configure the XVID video so that it will have the same stream specifications as the original video? I only see some options like Profile @ Level, Encoding Type (single pass, twopass, etc), target quantizer, zone options, quality preset.

    Or, if you know a better and easier video splitter, then let me know. Thanks

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    These figures you have stated are for the audio only.

    A good free app that handles Xvid very well and has some edit, filters and splitting ability is Virtualdub, and because it is popular there are many tutorials on the web to help.
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