I attempted to make a TMPeg DVD NTSC compliant movie from a good AVI version of "Swordfish". Using the TMpeg template I set my parameter and made it with the standard 48khz PCM audio.

This worked fine and I then attempted to author the MPeg2 using DVD LAB 1.3. I must have already made approxiamately 60 SVCDs using the same method and software . As an SVCD I can get 2 movies per DVD, but I sacrifice some video quality. I wanted to improve on this paremeter, thus a DVD NTSC etc.

Eveything went well including menus, compiling etc. It also burnt as I expected it would as a 4 gig movie to a 4.7 gig DVD or there abouts.

The problem is play back thru my DVD player. At normal playback speed video was spectacular, but audio was ossilating ON and Off to a regular frequency. When I increase playback speed to x2 audio was normal, infact it was spectacular. However obviously the video became jerky and not visibly watchable.

Has anybody experienced this and does anybody know what I am doing wrorng and can help with a solution.

Many Thanks,