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Thread: Free, uncopyrighted music

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    Default Free, uncopyrighted music

    Anyone know of any sites where I can get free, uncopyrighted music?

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    The term un-copyrighted doesn't exist because as soon as a peice of music has been created, it is copyrighted - the creator owns the copyright

    BUT............... They can waiver the copyright or allow music to be used unconditionally.

    There are not that many sites giving away music for free but here are some sites that do. The music on these sites is free to download and use in your film, animation, video etc: - Download Royalty Free Production Music

    Free and legal music downloads - Jamendo

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    Jake LaVallee, Thank you for advertising your service but please don't revive 2 year old threads to do so Use the pimp the link section.

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    To be fair, he does have a few free, royalty free pieces on his site, so I think it's just about legit.

    .... even if he does talk of copyright-free music which, as mania correctly points out, is not what we're talking about here.

    As for Pip2k -

    Check out Bill Cushman's (ghostnotes) threads on this forum - or just Google.
    Incompetech (Kevin McLeod) is another great source.

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    I would recommend Jamendo, you can download there "Free" royalty free music for non commercial usages
    I think that you can try Danosongs too
    What kind of project are you working on ?


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