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Thread: the stuff like the TV

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    Default the stuff like the TV

    ok the commercials they have like animated effects what program would i be able to make these on?

    also i made a picture in photoshop with a transparent background i put it in my movie and it came up with a white background i saved it as .JPG why wasnt the background transparent?

    lol alot questions

    how do i get the text to have a transparent background? i put the text in with the transparent BG but it just goes white and i wanted it to be at the side of my movie not in the middle

    any help would be appreciated thnx
    *hope i spelt that right lol*

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    What do you mean with "animated effects"? a little more accurate!
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    Default Oh Lazy...One-We Arnt Google Here-

    Hi about the animation you should check out Moho its a 2D vector-based cartoon animation application.

    Transparent effects with photoshop are possible,check it out here:-

    Oh Lazy...One


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    hey! i chcked google and the animated effects i was talking baout are like say its a normal commercial but then a cartoon blob jumps in the middle thats the kind im talking about

    anyway thnx

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    whoa moho is kinda complicated hmmm

    damn it a new thing to learn how to use :(

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    Default Moho

    Moho is hard but its the same for most professional programs,you give a bit of your time to it and it will give you a lot back!
    Stay with it I think its an excellent program
    Anyone else use any different animation progs?

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    Well, the reason for not having a transparent background for your jpg file, is the file itself. jpg doesn't support alpha mapping, so you should try .png; it works for me and my frinds, and i don't see why it shouldn't work for you

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