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    Help! I'm trying to lift Video from Sony DCR HC40e into my PC but neither Movie Maker nor Serif Movie Plus can detect the camera when itís connected to the Firewire. PC beats all specs,
    Sony manual says I should connect it with firewire, Serif manual says I need a capture card. But I can only find capture cards without firewire ports
    Windows help about as useful as a chocolate fireguard
    Have I missed the point? What do I actually need to lift the video off the 8mm cassette into a video editing suite?
    How do I know whether the firewire is working? (Says it is in the device manager)
    [ii] Should windows tell me that a firewire device has been connected like it does with USB?

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    Not sure I can help on this one, but... No, XP doesn't 'detect' Firewire in the same way as it does whn you plug a USB device in. It doesn't do anything, in fact. Don't get confused by the connection to your PC. In the old days, you often used to have to buy a separate capture card with a 1394/Firewire interface on it. Most new PCs now have one or more Firewire ports off the motherboard. One trick I've heard of that may work, and I can't explain it properly, is to uninstall (either physically or logically - I don't remember which) and then reinstall Firewire. Device Manager may say it's working, but I've heard of people with a similar problem to yours, and this has worked for them. Of course, the other thing to do is to eliminate your camera and/or cable as the problem - do you have another PC you could hook them up to? Ditto, I guess, if you can find someone with another camera and/or cable to try on your machine. Sorry I can't help more.
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    Hi ya,
    My Sony handycam DCR HC30E didnt even come with a firewire, only a USB cable with the correct connection to camera. I have the same problem in that the PC picks it up when you plug it in but does not show up when trying to capture. Using the software that came with it (Picture Perfect) but that does not allow me to put files on my PC only to create movies using predefined wizards. I want to create my own movies using files on camera. Any ideas how to get files on to my PC.

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    Forget about USB, you have to use Firewire to transfer your videos onto PC. If you already have a Firewire port on your motherboard, all you need is a $15 cable. Make sure they're the right type for your camcorder (there's 4-to-4 pin and 4-to-6 pin).

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