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    Hello community....

    I am new to the video editting world. I have been using a copy of Pinnacle to put together a music video from footage captured from video games. The problem I am having is that the different pieces of footage have different frame rates (25,40,60...) and Pinnacle will not allow me to place them in the same project. Is there a way I can convert the frame rates of the footages to a common frame rate so I can make them 'jive' together?

    - TAKO

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    Can anyone help me, maybe point me in the right direction. Do I have to buy some new software to change the frame rates. Can anyone recommend something?


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    That is an annoying restriction. Maybe you should considor different editor if there is no way of doing this in pinnacle (I am not familiar with pinaccle).

    A program called virtual dub is free, if a bit teccy, and is often used for swapping formats / codecs. Other programs can do this too but this is what I sometimes use.

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    Hey Mark W, thank a lot, I'm going to go try that right now. I'll let you know how it goes. Anyone else has suggestions?

    - TAKO

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