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Thread: Question about split screen effect?

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    Default Question about split screen effect?

    I was watching marc's video in user video section about Leed Castle:

    and my question is how did you make it go from split screen and slowly come together and go back to regular one screen?
    I have adobe primere 6.0 not adobe primere pro

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    I havnt seen the video in question but all you need do is animate (key-frames) the paths and scale of your clips to achieve the whole gamut of split screen effects. You can also animate motion paths and scale of black video clips to form moving "dividers" eg one clip is divided into two by the black video moving in from the top of frame which then become two seperate clips etc etc. I think Marc has posted a guide to animating paths and scale to achieve such effects.


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    Yep, tonga's spot on. It was simply a combination of the effect described - - combined with a fade transition.
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