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Thread: just need some tips :)

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    Default just need some tips :)

    ok just bought this because it seemed simple but its very hard :(

    i put a transition in but it goes to fast i mobed the thing at the bottom but dont know what it does ive tryed online tuts too but they dont help anywayz back to the topic

    can i edit the video like ai would a photo like in image ready or something?

    i wanted the writing to fly in but to the side but it wont it just goes in the middle and i wanted to know how to make peoples faces a blur

    srry if this has been brought up before but i only have limited time on ym comp

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    Default Re: just need some tips :)

    for transition, when you have two clips overla, the overlap part is when the transition happens, take this into perspective with the timeline. longer the overlap, the slow/long the transition.
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    soo i lose half my movie on a transition that sucks

    anyway thnx for the help

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