I am using Encore DVD 1.5 and require help with creating menus and chapters.

I created a main menu which has 2 optioons. Play All or scene selection.

I created a playlist which had all 12 individual scenes listed and linked this to the Play All button. This works to a point.

The individual 12 files I put go back to main menu for the end option of each file. This is fine when choosing scene select, however when you select Play All it does play all scenes one after another but if you go forward or backward to another scene in the Play All option, once the scene ends it goes back to the main menu instead of playing the next scene.

How do I have the end option of all 12 files in the playlist to continue to the next scene, whilst still having the individual files go to the main menu when you use scene select.

Hope this isn't too long winded and unclear.

Thanks for any help in advance.