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Thread: capture video from sony dvd plaayer to pc

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    Default capture video from sony dvd plaayer to pc

    Help required.
    I have archived my vhs home vids to dvd via a sony rgr- gx210 standalone dvd recorder( under tv) i have tried to capture the dvds into the pc using roxio 7.5 . my problem is that i can only capture about 335 meg of video. not thr full 4.7 gb. anyone have any help on this problem or advise as to additional programs , much appreciated.

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    I haven't used Roxio but I can't understand why you are only getting 335Mb saved everytime. Is your hard disk formatted to NTFS and you are using Windows XP? You could try finalizing the discs in the DVD recorder, then put them into your DVD player/recorder on the computer and just transfer the .VOB files into a folder on your hard disk. I've used the rough and ready method of just renaming the file extension from .VOB to .AVI and it works.

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    thanks for reply,
    info , the discs are finalised , i believe that when i copied over from vhs to dvd on the standalone , there was a setting for automatic chapters and i think that as this was set to 10 minutes, that this is the reason for capturing only 335 meg as this equates to roughly 10 minutes of video.
    additionally my system is an amd x2 4200, ntfs formatted hard disk, 300 gb hard drive , 256 graphics card.
    looking at the files in my computer i have 2 folders video_ts & video_rm
    in video_ts their are 5 mpeg files labeled vts_01_1 thru 5
    the mpeg files are all 904,512 kb
    two IFO files and two BUP files
    in video_rm their are 3 IFO files 1 BUP file and 1 DEBUG file.
    In roxio if i try to view the contents of Video_ts/_rm there are no files visible.
    I appear to have reached an impasse, cant think what to try next, help please!

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