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    i found a video on you tube so i decided to edit it, i think its simple but i never seen someone on this forum do it so i will be the first. also the video was strechted by the site for some reason so forgive me for the poor quilty.

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    I dont like to take other peoples footage, unless its for a montage, and if I do for some reason I would give them credit. But thats just for the other stuff...

    The fire effect was ok. Its not partuclaly realistic, but then again I dont know how hard it is to do a realistic fire image in there. So nice job.

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    Easy trick. Film a fire against green screen for absoloute realism, screen over fat geek. Done.

    Re editing other peoples stuff. Well that was how i learndeded myself how to edit, all good stuff. I do think that if you republish stuff that you should credit the originator.

    For the record the license that covers nearly all the vid on my site says you can copy anything so long as you credit me and charge nothing ever to show my stuff or stuff with my stuff in.

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    thank you guys, and yea i just uploaded the video real quick and didnt have time to credit. but no i didnt film a fire on a green screen, this is a plug in for after effects

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