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Thread: general questions concerning film/cutting

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    Default general questions concerning film/cutting

    hi everybody.

    to make this short: i am new here, new to video cutting/animation/special effects (i whish *hehe*).

    so from the perspective of the noob that i am i wanted to ask if anyone has had experience in professional film making, any production knowledge or if you could point me in a direction where to look...

    i work as a graphics designer but have had the chance to gnaw my teeth into animatics for some tv ads in the last few months - and now i seem to be severely hooked...

    yet i seem to be unable to find any usefull information what so ever about where to go to learn some of the following things:
    what are the possibilities in film - camera, special effects, cgi, name it - i wana be able to do these things.

    i have a short film in planning, but that of course is more or less a hobby thing done in my spare time and also to maybe get a foot in the door with some big distribution company

    in other words - i wana work in film. any of you guys have information of where to look for training, internships or something like that? i live in austria and there doesnt seem to be too much i can carve up concerning information about this.

    ok, it wasnt short but i hope to have illustrated my questions

    sorry for some messed up spelling or grammar mistakes that i might have made, my english has gone little rusty in the past years...

    thanx in advance for anything you might be able to toss me

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    My advice is to learn by doing and listening to others.

    Get a good book on classic cinemaphotography too.

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    hi mark

    thank you for your reply.

    about the learning by doing - i'm on it

    listening to others: theres no people around me - be it work or private - that work in the field of video and/or film, so ill have a hard time with this one.

    as for the books: any suggestions/prefs?

    thanx again!

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