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    Default encore = rubbish

    ive used encore 1.5 for over a year now and out of the many projects ive made in it , about 80% have worked...

    It just seems like the most unstable piece of software out there!!!

    On many occasions ive lost all my work due to random errors .. so my advise to anyone using it, is to save atleast 2 backups of your work or else you may find many hours of work go down the pan...

    Ive read abit about alot of other users finding encore to be very unreilable.... have any of you ever had problems????

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    I have to admit, encore does do some strange things!
    It's a shame because when you're not hit with a glitch in the software, it can be a really powerful tool that produces some great results.

    I downloaded the free trial version of Encore 2.0 and it seems much more stable. Shame I can't afford to upgrade! :(

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    I'd have to agree with you both. I've only been using 1.5 for a short while, but have found that the DVD-images it creates are often unreliable, and it's a far cry away from the usability of other Adobe products.

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    Strange! I've used Encore 1, 1.5 and now 2. Never had a crash yet!

    There was a strange 'issue' back in the days of v1 (I think) and the patch to 1.1 fixed it as I recall where things could get a little upset if you graphics card performance turn way up. That's all.

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