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Thread: Live Streaming TV!?

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    Default Live Streaming TV!?

    We’re doing a website for a TV station, and they want to have a live TV broadcast on their website, our experience is basically in CMS and portal solutions, but we never had any experience in live streaming, so this is all new to us, if any body can help with any thing it would be most appertained, this is the details of the project with some of the inquiries we have:
    -The signal is SDI (Pal 25 fps)
    -We want to provide them (the client not the site users) with two options to choose from:
    1.Real media, where the user required to have Real media player to view the video
    2.Windows media player, where the user required to have Windows media player to view the video
    -What ever the format the client will chose (Real, Windows), the user will have two options to view the movie in:
    1.Low: 28K
    2.High: 300K
    -The video should come within a customized designed page, probably as a code we can place inside an html table’s cell, not as a link for external link

    1.In what fps should the output be, is 15 fps good quality?
    2.What format do you recommend (Real, Windows)
    3.If we choose Real, what are the requirements we need to have, form both; the TV station side, and in our Linux server?
    4.If we choose Windows, what are the requirements we need to have, form both; the TV station side, and in our Linux server?
    5.Is there any hardware required from the client side such as DVR, or some sort of encoder, if so; what’s you’re recommendations (type/ brand)
    6.How (and this is probably the most ambiguous task)
    6.1.Do you broadcast the digital signal coming from the encoder (I guess) to the server?
    6.2.And then place this signal on an PHP page?

    Thanx for the help..

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    Way out of my expirience. I dont know (but i havent looked) of a way to live encode video streams on the PC, such things are I believe done by expensive boxes of custom hardware.

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    It can be done with a PC.

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    This is a TV station, we need quality output, we can't use home tools..

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    Try getting in touch with channel 4 as they live stream the Big Brother series (not that I've seen it, cough cough)

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