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    I have a dual core processor, 2GB of RAM and a 7800 GTX. I dont understand why my playback in premiere is always jerky, it makes it' impossible to edit anything because it's smooth motion, the frames lock up and it skips ahead and stuff like that. What's the deal here?

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    Well, your processor is more than adequate, your RAM is more than adequate, your graphics card is irrelevant. What else then?

    What HDD space do you have available and how well is it defragged?

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    About 180GB left out of 500GB. I don't believe I've defragged it in awhile. At first I thought it might of just been the 1080p clip I was trying to edit. I didnt realize that's what it was until after I made the post. But I did bring a much smaller resolution clip and it does the samething. This stuff does not happen on Vegas.

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    Is this DV AVI?

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    As Mr.Peters might be suggesting, the compression of your files may be the cause of your problems. I've found with Premiere, if it's anything more than DV AVI then it's not at all smooth, but rendering generally fixes it for me.

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    and what version of Premiere are you using? If you're editing 1080i then a slight lagging is the least of your troubles. Just wait till you hit 'export'. You can wait days rather than hours for high def.

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    You do realise that you have to go to "sequence" and "render work area" as you're editing your clips right, so that it views them properly in the preview monitor. (Might be too obvious but just thought I'd mention it).

    You know that's the problem if when you export it it plays fine.

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    Default same problem

    I have the same problem too. My computer has around the same specs and I'm using Premiere Elements 2.0 and I loaded an AVI that was 15fps. And the preview lags every second or two. However, when i load an AVI that's 30fps then the preview plays back fine.

    I haven't defragmented my hard drive but that shouldn't be the problem because if I edit that video with Windows Movie Maker, the preview plays back fine.

    I'm very new to premier elements so I apologize if this is a newb question or if someone else mentioned it in another thread.
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    I am also using elements 2.0 and the preview is laggy sometimes too. I am new to editing and don't understan a lot of the techinical stuff, but i found that as long as i have the timeline zoomed in it isn't as bad. When it is zoomed out the video skips and doesn't play back smooth though.
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