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    Default good menu program

    Does anyone know a good DVD authoring program which can make good menus and sub-menus of your choice?

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    My personal favourite at the mo is Sonic DVDit! Can't fault it. The only thing it doesn't do is motion thumbnails (at least, not in my version LOL)

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    know anywhere i can download a trial for that?

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    I don't think Sonic "do" trials. However, Ulead do, so if you like the look of Ulead DVD Workshop, Sonic have lost a sale...

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    By the way, your avatar links to a file on your hard drive

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    is there any program which lets you have any kind of menu you want with titles as buttons and stuff?

    Am i just using pinnacle DVD wrong?

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    Adobe Encore DVD in my opinion is the King of DVD Authoring, though many users have experienced problems with it (I havent for some reason)

    There has not yet been anything I cannot do in truly has paid for itself!


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    I'm still put off by the price. Can't really justify spending 450 on a DVD authoring package - but I guess I should at least download the trial to see what all the fuss is about

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