ok, i'm a novice at best and have little experince in proper filming lingo. I'm still learning which angles get what effect, most of my filming is done using a static tripod from varios locations then clipping them together.

Now i film freeride and downhill mtbing, and do allot of filming myself riding and some rides with my friend.

which brings me too my current plan.

after taking a nasty spill over the bars, i realized my Good camera a Mini DV samsung is too expencive to haul around if i don't have a planned shoot in mind. also i want a light compact camera to use as a Helmet cam.

so i ordered a Mini digital camcorder off of tigerdirect.ca:

Its specs are:

320x240 or 640x480
4x digital zoom
mpeg 4 format

the camcorder is cheap. but i want to use it to capture outdoor shot as a helmet cam. i didn't want to get a bullet cam that mounts too the helmet and uses the camcorder in the back pack, cause if i crash i could still break it. and also while i film with the helmet cam, i can capture another angle with my good camcorder

Hows it sound so far?