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Thread: Premiere Pro to DVD...advice

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    Default Premiere Pro to DVD...advice


    I have just started messing around with creating dvds to be played on standard dvd players and am looking for some advice to get on the right track to produce a good quallity product. This is also the first time i have ever posted anything to a forum so feel free to correct me on any lapses of proper etiquette.

    I have access to the following equipment:Sony DCR-TRV33(NTSC), LG GSA 4040b Multi DVD writer, 120GB Secondary drive, Premiere Pro, MyDVD 4, Nero 5.

    I have edited a 21 min video on Premiere and what i have tried so far. which of these is the best or should i be trying something different?

    1.In Premiere tried exporting to DVD, it started and after 2.5 hours looked as though it would take about 6 hours to complete....i gave up and cancelled.

    2. In Premiere did a FILE\EXPORT\MOVIE this created a AVI file. I then used MyDVD to burn to disc this worked.....did I lose quaility for speed?

    3. In Premiere did a FILE\EXPORT\ADOBE MEDIA ENCODER then set the TRANSCODE SETTINGS to MPEG2-DVD then used MyDVD to burn to this a better sequence than the 2 above?...have i lost quality as compared to the many postings that recommend using TMPGenc to convert AVI to MPEG2?

    I am playing much of this on a wide screen tv and am curious about the 16:9 setting on my camera is it just adding black lines on the top and bottom as mention in another post. Is it best to use this setting in the camera or is there a way to do this in that maintains quality in Premiere Pro?

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    As to the last part...

    I've got a Sony TRV33E (PAL) and leave it on widescreen mode all the time.

    If I do my editting in Premier 6.5 using widescreen setting and author my disks in Encore using widescreen setting I get the equivalent of an anamorphic DVD out the end.

    I typically have my DVD player set to widescreen mode and my TV does the picture stretching for me and I get a good 16:9 picture taking up all the screen.

    Set the DVD player to letterbox and you get black bars top and bottom on a 4:3 TV. Ste the p&S and you get a 4:3 picture cut from themiddel of your widescreen movie.

    All this, just as you would hope. It's why I got the 33 rather than the 19 or 22! Mates at work are dead jealous because it appears to be a true widescreen setting o the camera. They have much more expensive pro-sumer models and don't. They're gutted!

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    Premiere Pro is absolutely useless at generating DVD MPEG2 files! I think you've discovered that already.

    I cannot comment on MyDVD's quality for DVD's but I am sure TMPGenc does a great job at a great speed. Basically do what works for you. If you are happy with the speed and output that your methods create, then stick with it.

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    Just goes to show the power of research Millsy Don't think I've ever bought anything without first scouring the internet for reviews. Don't think I'm capable of compulse buying!
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