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Thread: Hello, i'm new.

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    Default Hello, i'm new.

    hey, how ya all doing/ i'm relitively new to filming and editing, only for a year and a half.

    I film using a Samsung Dv. Not a expencive camera, but i use it to film downhill and free ride mtbing. And i know eventually it is gonna get dropped or busted so i didnt wanna spend a whole lot.

    when filming i use a 4ft tri pod, i ordered it espesially cause it folds down small enough to fit nicely in a back pack.

    for editing i've only used MS movie maker, its ok but lacks features i'd like to try (or i lack the ability to do them).

    For dvd authoring i've used a few and so far they seem sub par. the one i use right now is intervideo dvd creator. i'm not happy with it but it works, sometimes...ugh.

    My videos have been mainly <5 minutes in length and are maily static shots from the tripod of me riding. sometime i have a another body helping, but not usually. Its kinda alright cause it helps my find my angles and find what work and what doesn't

    so there it is... feel free to watch my videoa on my site at Geocities...
    Dh/freeride MTB\'r
    video filming: novice
    Editing: novice
    Always learn something...
    See my videos!

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    Hey Atomik777, vids look good !!! As the bike passes instantly, perhaps try a few closer shots with the tripod mounted camera. And welome to the forum


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