Hi, I would like to transfer movies I have on my pc to my videocamera.

The movies are in mpeg format. My pc has windows xp home. My videocam is a Sony TRV103. I'm using a firewire for the attempted transfer.

I know that I must convert the MPEG to an AVI file first. So I used VirtualDub, but maybe I'm not using the right compression codec. I tried Panasonic DV video codec, as well as divx 4. I didn't compress the audio.

I then used windv to transfer the avi file to my videocam. It appeared to be operating (i.e. the videocam began to record) but nothing was being recorded to the blank tape and nothing appeared on windv's preview screen. I know that windv works with my PC/camera since I'm able to send videos from my videocam to my PC.

I then tried DVIO. When I hit 'record to camera' the program ends with the usual windows xp blurb 'DVIO encountered a prob and had to close etc'.

I then tried Windows Movie Maker 2. It transferred the movie successfully to the videocam, but there was no sound.

What am I doing wrong? I would prefer to use WINDV since it's simple and fast to use.