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Thread: Ulead Videosuite 7 - no sound

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    Default Ulead Videosuite 7 - no sound

    Hi guys, newbie here.

    This has been bothering me for a few days now. I downloaded an avi file and I can watch it fine in Media Player and in Ulead (sound and picture fine). However, when I try to create a dvd or vcd disc, Ulead runs through the process and burns the disc. When I play it in a dvd player, the picture is fine, but there is no sound!!!!
    This hasn't happened before as I've managed to convert other avi's successfully, it only seems to be happening with this one.
    I've checked the properties of the file and the audio codec is MPEG Layer 3. I've even downloaded this codec from a couple of websites to see if it "refreshes" it, but I'm stumped as to why the avi plays perfectly on the machine, but it won't burn properly.

    Any ideas folks?

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    I would try demuxing (seperating) the audio and video and then converting the MP3 to an uncompressed WAV. Put them back together and it should convert fine. You can do this in VirtualDub.

    Alternatively set VideoStudio to output in PCM audio on the DVD.

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    Hi Marc,

    Thanks for the reply.
    I did set the audio output to PCM but that didn't work. Same result - picture, but no sound.
    I also downloaded VirtualDub, but that couldn't split the audio.

    I managed to get the issue resolved last night though. I downloaded the 30 day trial version of DVD Movie Factory 5 from Ulead's website. VCD burned and viewed with no problems.


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