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Thread: How do i capture my pc-screen using a video-capture-card?

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    Default How do i capture my pc-screen using a video-capture-card?

    Hi there,

    i am using a AVeasy Analg-Capture-Card (S-VHS/Chinch) and a Panasonic NV-DS38 Digital Camcorder with S-VHS out/in.
    Now i want to capture my pc-screen, while i am playing DAoC. I tried to connect my Capture-Card with the Camcorder, with my VHS and my TV, but i don't get a screen from my pc. When i connect my Camcorder to the TV-out of my Graficcard (Radeon 9500pro) i only get a screen, when i change the main-output in the Grafic-Settings and then i only see the screen on the Camcorder, not on my PC-Monitor (this is quite small .

    My question now is, how do i capture my pc-screen using my camcorder? Do i need a special software to do this?

    Btw. captureing from my Camcorder to PC works fine *g*

    Thanks for help.

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    Default Screen Capture

    I am not sure what you are trying to do, but if you want a very good cheap(free) screen capture prog. try this I use it all of the time.(Srip32)[/b]

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    I want to capture ingame sequenses from a pc-game. And i don't want to capture it on my harddisc, cause this is to heavy for my system. I want to capture it by my camcorder.

    Edit: I want to make a movie, not a stillimage

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    Sorry, entered wrong URL. Should be
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    Thanks for your answer, but i don't have an Nvidia-Card :/
    Im am searching now for a tool working with my Radion 9500Pro.

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