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    Hey All

    Im from denmark so I will try to Explain as good as i can on English

    I am new in this kind of software, I have just paid 200 kr for a book about
    Premiere Pro 2.

    But i have a problem with SlowMotion.

    I have One Premery video track with my video there is 27 sec. I have audio and text effects on the audio and the to other video tracks.
    So my video is in one peace.
    Now i will have slowmotion in the last 5 sec of the video. How do i do this.
    I have tryed to set "In and out points" in the last 5 sec. But is still only possible for me to change all 27 sec.
    I hope you can help me.

    And is there some good websites with free tutorials, there is for 3d software so why not for video software.

    Best regard

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    Do you want to gradually change the speed, or do you just want th last 5 seconds to play at a different speed? If the latter, then use the razor tool to cut the video on the timeline at a point 5 seconds from the end. Now right click on the newly created 5 second video and select speed. Voila.

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    Default Thanks

    so easy? hmmm Yes it was, thank you for helping stupid me.


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