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    As a musician who plays multiple instruments, I've been thinking of doing a video in which I, alone, plays the "whole band". This would be acheived by me recording myself playing each individual instruments, then putting it all together in a video software. There would be 4 or 6 frames of videos going on simultaneously with the sounds together as well...

    Recently, I saw this video on google:
    and that's pretty much like what I want to do (but with less arms-flailing and more actual-instruments/music :P )

    So, what software should I be looking to invest into?


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    When I first read you post I expected you to want to have 'clones' of yourself playing the various instruments on screen at the same time. I was just about to launch into a green screen explanation.

    But all you want to do is what's called a PIP (Picture in Picture) effect. Pretty much any video editor worth its salt has this facility as standard - and most have a preset. Try Adobe PRemiere Elements or Pure Motion Edit Studio for a start.

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    Thank you Peters!

    The clones/green screen would be a way more nifty video to see, but I'm far too noob as far as video editing goes. The PIP will do!

    I assume that PiP also combines the sounds?

    Thanks again!

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    yeah PIP is basically a load of videos on the screen at once. Imagine the 4 PIP used on '24' for a rough idea.

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    Alright, thank you!

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    Hello again!
    Alright, I've bought a camcorder, a firewire card, got EditStudio and recorded 2 short clips to make a test.

    Now, I have no idea how to do this "PiP" thing. (PiP is a too short term for the search engine, but "Picture in" gives too many results)

    What I tried to do is put a video on one timeline and another in the other, but all I hear is both's audio, but just one video... I'd just like to know how to do the PiP in EditStudio...

    I'll be really grateful for this help... thanks

    <EDIT> I think I got it handled, technically both videos were playing just that both "windows" were the same size, so I had to move them.
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