Hi there! I have a problem with my new pc. Itīs a P4 2.8c on Asus P4P800 Deluxe with HT enabled, dual boot winXP pro/w2k. The problem is it doesnīt detect my ETech TV card at all (which works perfectly when i plug it in the old pc). Iīve read about HT having problems with tv cards a while back and that it should be turned off for tv cards to work. Iīve tried that, but then the system wonīt boot, POST reports īNo CPU detected'. I have the latest bios, radeon 9200 with latest Omega drivers. I tried pci slots with sound card and it worked in every one, so they're fully functional. Somebody on another forum suggested that it's video card to blame, so i tried the same vid card and tv card in the old pc and thay worked, so it's not that. Now i'm thinking it's mobo's fault. Are there any bios settings that could interfere with tv card detection specifically, cause i have no such problems with any other device. Can anybody help me?