I have been using Premier Pro 7 to produce my DVDs (playable on a domestic DVD player).
But when the AVI file is over 8 GBs I get the error:

Could not complete the test command because: DVD err(DVDErr, 143365)
I did post this problem a month or so and was advices to upgrade my hard drive. I have now done this.

I have a 120GM Primary drive, was 80GM
and a 200GB Secondary drive, was 120GB.

The 200GB drive has this new project on it and nothing else - but still I get this error.

I can produce a DVD for a 20 mins piece of film.

I am fed up as it take all night then end up with this error.

I did consider buying a domestic DVD rewriter to overcome this problem but was advised to sort out the disk drives first.

My PC is a 1.67GHz with 512MB RAM.

Can someone please advice a way forward; either get rid of this error or suggest a domestic DVD rewriter (load minDV to PC -> Edit and save back to miniDV and then use the domestic DVD rewriter.

HELP, Help help.