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Thread: No templates for Premiere Pro 2 visible!

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    Default No templates for Premiere Pro 2 visible!

    Hi. I just downloaded the trial for Premiere Pro 2, and upon looking at the DVD templates, and the titler templates, i have discovered that each has only one template. When I was watching tutor vidoes, there were a lot of presets avaialable for the Titler and DVD's. Is this normal, or do I have to download the templates and presets?

    Also, how come the After Effects trial is 1.2 GB, but the folder where i installed it is only 250 MB? Where does the other GB go?

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    the operative word here is 'trial'. the purpose of what you have downloaded is to try out the s/w to see if it does what you want of it. It's not there as a complete package for use for 30 days. As such there is stuff missing from the purchased version. the stuff missing includes both functionality inside the app and, as you've noticed, a bundle of assets to use inside it.

    Not sure why the AE download is so big yet the install is not though.

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