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Thread: Pinnacle DV500 for sale

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    Default Pinnacle DV500 for sale

    DV500 card with breakout box, drivers, Premiere 6.5.

    Absolutely as new with original receipt (586.00). Guaranteed perfect working order. Looking for 200 ono plus postage.

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    Default DV500 card

    Sorry, I think I was optimistic with my price......will take offers around 80....(plus post)....must be a bargain at that??

    Gerry Moore

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    Hey, what a coincidence, a friend of mine just asked me if i wanna buy a Pinnacle DV500 DVD for only Rp 600.000,- (around US$60). Hardware's all good, but the software's all wrecked. The Manuals are only available in Deutschland (I think) and France. But I guess we can all still cover that from the company's website. Limited to people living in Jakarta, Indonesia only.

    While still on te subject, and i'm currently planning to buy it (coz of the cheap price) Will it affect my editing experience, if I'm currently editing with an Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0, a Pentium IV 2.4 Ghz HT, a couple of 256 Corsair DDRAMs, a couple of 80Gigs Maxtor Raid0+1 configured, and a 200Gigs of Seagate SATA. Anyone can help me? Thanks b4
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    If you're gonna edit DV only, you don't need a capture card. Any Firewire port is enough.

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    Is the Pinnacle DV500 still available? How much will shipping to the Philippines cost?
    Please send me more info regarding the package included (software, breakout box and
    cables) ot Thanks!

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    Default Re:Pinnacle DV 500+ sale

    Just seen your message in the forum and wondered if you still have your Pinnacle DV 500 card for sale, mine is no more working.

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    Can I have copy of your driver and premiere 6.5? no problem I will pay the copy.

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