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Thread: Widescreen recording with 2 cameras - compatible ?

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    Default Widescreen recording with 2 cameras - compatible ?

    Hi guys, first of all I just want to say I've learned a sxxtload since I joined here last week, especially by burning the midnight oil as I read through all the previous topics.

    Ok, here's my question. I'm going to be filming some actors with two JVC GR-D390 mini-DV cameras, which have the "true widescreen" recording format. I have the opportunity to use a third camera, which is also a JVC, one of those Everio GZ-MG20 hard drive ones. So, I'll be filming the actors with either two or three cameras (to borrow the Everio one will cost a few quid, otherwise, obviously I would go ahead and use it in conjunction with the other two on the "nothing to lose" basis), and when it comes to editing together, I will naturally want consistency in the image frame; it will be two shot in "true widescreen" and the third shot on one of two of the Everio's settings; 4x3 and 16x9. Will the latter match the "true widescreen", will it be nearer enough not to be noticeable ?

    Any advice would be much appreciated

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    Have a look and see, if it looks okay, go for it.

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    I've gone onto the JVC website and printed off detailed specs for each camera, where they claim the GR-D390 records in "true widescreen" it's a 16:9 ratio, which is what the Everio GZ-MG20 can record in also, therefore I am assuming that footage from both of these JVC camcorders will be compatible at the editing stage !

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    but do remember to manually white balance each camera under the same conditions just before shooting sso as to avoid any colour inconsistencies during editing.

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    Thanks Alan, I'll take that on board too

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