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    Default Too many choices

    Hi All

    Apologies if I have poseted in the wrong section as I am new to these boards.

    It's just a quick question to start off really...

    I am after some pointers to the best video editing software to use for a beginner to video editting. I have seen some reccomendations on the FAQ section of this site but none advise what level of editor they are aimed at.

    I basically have a load of material on DV tapes and have successfully transferrred them to pc bit now want to edit them (cut, join, add sound and effects). I'm not clueless but at the same time I'm pretty new to video editing.

    Any suggestions or recommendations?

    Many thanks in advance..

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    If you've read reviews and are still unsure before you part with cash, then download the free trials. Most have free time limited trials. If they don't, then you probably shouldn't buy them!

    I have put up a list of free trials here:

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    Trials rule, but give each one a fair time. I advise getting a 'pro' editor. They cost more but are less likely to frustrate once you get into editing although the initial learing curve may be steeper.

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