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Thread: wavy lines in my film!

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    Default wavy lines in my film!


    followed the instructions with TMPGenc and ifoedit. not got nero, so tried importing my files into dvd builder, and got ready to burn to dvd.
    i previewed it first.
    this is the problem. the video seems smoother than my previous efforts when i didnt use those two programmes, which is what i was after, but when the camcorder is moving, and not just filming something in the same place, the picture is really wavy. then settles down as the camcorder rests in one place.

    it wasnt like that before, so is it something i havent set right? does this ring a bell with anyone?

    i think ive followed everything to the letter. could it be something im not doing right in dvd builder? i chose 1 VOB file to import into the movie and not all the others that ifoedit created. could this be the problem? there didnt seem to be any other option.


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    search for deintelacing on the forums

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    oh mate, i think my heads going to explode! i looked at all those de-interlacing threads and sooooooooooooo much confusing stuff there. it looked like it was telling me i needed 3 more programs to get rid of these lines!

    this de-interlacing. does evrybody not get it then? i used an avi file (like most others i assume), compressed it to mpeg using the recommended prog (like most others), and authored it using the recommended prog. (like most others too!)
    so surely ive ended up with the same quality file as everybody else???

    i take it its the TMPGenc encoding process thats created this problem then. is there not a setting in there that i can change whilst encoding? i didnt have this problem when i just used dvd builder to encode and author, but the whole quality of that dvd was a little jerky.

    what im after is an EASY way of resolving this problem. not downloading 3 more programmes, cos i just dont think im clued up enough to do this!

    by the way, got to congratulate you on your fast answers! dont know if youre camped in front of a pc, but its most welcome.


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    still playing around. (i AM determined to get to the bottom of this)

    i was asking if theres a setting anywhere i can change?

    i started TMPGenc up and went through the wizard as if i was going to encode again.

    are any of these options going to help?

    in wizard screen 2/5, choose non interlace instead of interlace?
    in wizar 3/5, cheoose the 'other settings'. again i get option of interlace or not. i assume its the same setting as on 2/5. but on the advanced tab i get the option of de-interlace! if i hover mouse over it says it will get rid of horizontal lines. should i try clicking this? and if so, whats the difference between choosing non-interlace in the first place, or choosing interlace and clicking de-interlace too. does this interlace but then just get rid of wavy lines after?

    thanks for your time, and for bearing with me!

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    ive done a screen print of the wavy lines if it helps you to see the problem? is there any way of putting pic in my post like you seem to do screen shots?


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    Have 2 secs to spare at work Doble click on the de-interalce setting, then chooose double in the drop down bx. leave the video source as interlace.

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    Did you get everything working? What was the process that finally worked for you?


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    me not had time to sort it yet. ive got a mate coming round with some adobe software so we'll have a play with that and then ill post back on here.

    cheers mate

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