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Thread: Complete Newbe needs sum REAL newbie Q's answered :-)

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    Default Complete Newbe needs sum REAL newbie Q's answered :-)

    Hi there.

    I have never transfered video to PC before so would like to know what i need?

    What programmes do you use on your PC and what type of lead will i need to connect it?

    The Camcorder i have is the Sony DCR-TRV14E Any good for this sort of thing?

    I am running a very good PC with Windows XP Professional.

    Any help would be fantastic.
    Thank you

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    To start out you can use the xp video editor. Tranfer video to pc with firewire.

    Many other editors are available for anything from zero to lots of quids.

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    The TRV14E is a great little camera.

    You should go out and buy a firewire lead. I suggest you simply forget the fact that it will connect via USB as well.

    Connect the firewire lead to both camer and PC, place the camera in VCR mode and simply control it from you PC via whatever capture utility you have to hand.

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    Thank you.
    So are all Firewire simular or there many different ones? Im not going to be entering any competitions, just want them for home movies etc.

    Cheers so far guys

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    What other programmes are good and free?

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