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Thread: Memory Stick for Sony DCR HC44 Camcorder

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    Default Memory Stick for Sony DCR HC44 Camcorder

    Hi guys, I'm not sure which memory stick I require for this camcorder. Any idea's? I'm only looking for a 128mb one. Also, what's the difference between memory stick duo and memory stick pro duo? Can i use any of these? I've also seen Sony ones on the market as well as SanDisk ones? Again can any of these be used for this camcorder?

    Appreciate your help and sorry about all of the questions.


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    i have a dcr-hc30 and it requires a memory stick pro duo, so yours probobly req's the same,.... they are pretty cheap now, you can find them really cheap at game shops (the psp uses them) i bought a 1 gig for my psp for 89 $...
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