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    OK, I know this may be silly and stupid, but I'm just wandering, is it possible to capture a miniDV tape faster than real time? I mean, if there's a 1 hour footage I want to capture to my harddisk, is it possible to do it less than 1 hour, say 30-45 minutes or less?

    If anyone have the answer, please reply this mail ASAP since I need to capture 6 more DV tapes in the next 4 hours (if possible)

    Thank's in advance for the answers!
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    Probably to late, but I have never heard of a way. To speed workflow some high end pro cameras record to hard drive or even big memory cards.

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    Tape is captured to the computer harddisk in realtime. So if you have 30, 45 or 60 minutes of footage, then it will take that length of time to transfer it from the camera to the computer. I have yet to come across a method of 'speeding' up the camera or harddisk. It is different when you come to rendering your final movie, if you are using a reasonably well specified desktop computer, then I have seen it done in half to one and a half times the finished length of the movie. Obviously the more transitions and effects and video and audio tracks you use the longer it will take.

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