14 Months ago I bought this camera after holding several others in various stores. I found that its small compact size just what I needed to be able to carry it easily when out walking. The results that it gives me are very good indeed, I have yet to find anything that I am not happy with it as a video movie camera. I recently videod my sons wedding and found that it did the business in a very unobtrusive way and although I was not in a very advantageous position the resulting sound track was very good indeed. The 10 time optical zoom range being so much greater than anything that I have previously owned gave me a lot more flexibilty to get in close to the action.Battery life is not great however with only about 30 minutes per battery. I found that I needed 2 fully charged batteries for the wedding as I was using the viewing screen most of the time.It has firewire I/O plus usb and AV and Svhs.
It is equiped with an SD card for stills and short video bursts. The stills side is ok but is taking a bit of getting used to and I have been getting a lot of blurred images due to my apparent inability to remember the shutter delay. However I am working on this. It is equipped with the abilty to be used as an analogue converter to digitise my old Hi8 videos. I can say that overall I am happy with my purchase.

Arthur Baker