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Thread: Studio 10 - How long do movies take to Make?

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    Default Studio 10 - How long do movies take to Make?

    Hi all - I've compiled my movie, its about 560MB and I've hit "make movie" and its been doing so for the last 2 hours.....

    Is this right? It's just building to .avi

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    Rendering is a very long, ellaborate project, so consider yourself lucky when you have 3:1 rendering times .

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    ok, but i mean 590mg....and i started building it Wednesday at 1.30pm and it's now 7.00pm Thursday....surely there must be something wrong?

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    Oops. I would cancel the process and start asking questions.
    What are your PC specs?
    Is your system in good shape (defragged and all)?
    How complex is the video you're trying to produce?

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    That is far too long.

    I was talking to a friend recently, and she had the same problem, it rendered forever. It sort of got in a loop. It's a glitch. Get on to Pinnacle. They sorted my friend out.

    Win XP, Athlon 1.8, G force 3 T, 1 60gig drive + 1 250 gig, Pinnacle Studio 9 plus mostly, Premiere 6, and Vegas 5 sometimes, Soundforge, Cool Edit.

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    hey thanks

    PC is 2.8g
    1g of Ram

    So a little beefy or beefy enough to do this job i'd hope.

    I'm scared to cancel it cause the app seems fine. It hasnt hung, and all the menu's are greyed out apart from the 'cancel' option under make movie.

    Im doing a defrag now to see if it helps.

    The video is basically a heap of pictures of the D:\ in a slide show with some MP3's behind it that i used studio to only use parts of the songs....goes for about 10 mins?

    any suggestions?

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    Also, is there supposed to be a status bar to say how much its done??

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    Yes, you should have a progress bar somewhere in the Make Movie window.

    This is surely a bug, call Pinnacle and (hopefully) they'll sort it out (although I wouldn't bet on it)...

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