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Thread: Which software would do this ????

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    Default Which software would do this ????

    Hi gang,,
    here's what I want to do.
    I would like to isulate a 3 second segment of a 5 minute MPEG file.
    Whithin that segment, I would like to zoom in on a specific corner of that video. The zoomed in area would have to use a custom aspect ration (probably around 3:5 0r 3:6)
    Than the isulated, cropped in area would be decomposed into JPEG format, frame by frame.

    Which software would allow me to do all this?
    Pinnacle studio maybe?

    Thanx all,

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    Oh and by the way, eventually I would like to also create a MPEG file from a series of JPEG files.

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    Vegas will do it no probs.


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