I am trying to connect my Sony camcorder to my ATI AIW Radeon 9600 Pro TV tuner to capture old analogue vidoes, but I am tearing my hear out.

My camcorder has the ordinary phono(?) outputs which you connect with yellow(video) and white/red (audio) cables to the TV. On the front of my graphics card I have three A/V in options: s-video, composite and audio. I have connected audio to audio, which works, at least I hear the sound of the video that is playing in the camera through my speakers when I am in the "video in" mode. I have connected the yellow cable from my camera to the composite plug. Is that ok? The screen in the "video in" mode remains blank when I play the tape and trying to capture something didn't work either.

I have tried many different presets and on the mpeg2 capture format it even causes the program not to respond. If I choose a preset with AVI as the source and DV as a codec then the counter is running as if it was capturing something but the saved file is empty.

Could the composite socket be faulty? If so how can I test it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated[/b]