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Thread: Feedback while capturing video

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    Default Feedback while capturing video

    I am having problems with what i think is feedback when capturing video. I am using Pinnacle Studio Version 8.12 and my camcorder is Sony DCR PC9E. I have tried another camcorder and another video capture program with the same results ie feedback spoiling the final capture. I am new to this so I am not up to speed with the jargon. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I hope you are using firewire for capture.

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    I have an iLink connection and have tried to use this to connect via firewire connection but the camera is not recognised.
    I have been using with success in the past, S-Video and audio lead, but now getting annoying buzz all the time.

    Driving me insane! :cry:

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    firewire is the way to go
    3 things you should check:
    -another port
    -another lead
    -another camera

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