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    I'm new hear, but i want to know how to make this shot (with Video Explosion Deluxe, or any of the programs you use), when your playing the part normally, than suddenly it goes slower, untill it stops, than goes backwards, than forward normal speed again.

    Its sort of used in skateboarding/action type of movies. It looks really cool if your doing something worth seeing. If anyone knows what i'm talking about, and how to do it, please reply thx.

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    playing video at different speeds, including backwards, is a fairly common function in just about all NLEs. However to ramp the speed over time is a little less common. One that you might normally need to find a plugin for.

    I use Adobe products and can either do this in Premier Pro with a plugin like Twixtor or using After effects.

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    Is the action all in one scene or do you cut from one to the other? If you cut from one to the other, you could reverse one clip and maybe use keyframes in the other clips to speed them up and slow them down over time.

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